Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break is Over...The Mission Continues

Thanks for understanding I needed a break. We are back and I am more determined than ever to educate everyone on the dangers of distracted driving.  Check out what I found on my daily Google for Distracted Driving News:

Forbes Magazine Article: Author Dale Buss makes some good points. "The real problem is the distractions that take over their minds while they're driving, regardless of whether they're handling all of the electronic communications 'hands-free'." As the passenger on Sunday, I proved this in that my eyes never left the road we were traveling. However, because I was thinking about my sister's death last year and having to leave my parents on the day before the anniversary of her death to return to "the real world," I didn't remember anything of our trip home. What if I had been the driver? Unfortunately, I know that I have done the zone out thing while being the driver too. Another point Buss made is that automakers are going to have a hard time staying up with the latest technology in the cars they make and making those same cars distraction free. You really cannot say, "Hey buy this car ...we support the IPad 3...be distraction free." The two just cannot continue to hold hands and play nice.

PoliceOne.com: Since enacting the ban on cell phone use in California, that state is seeing a decrease in the number of motor vehicle accidents involving distracted drivers.

Life Before Text App: Holy Crochet Batman! I love this app and will get it for the darling daughter. Parents set the speed limit on the app, say 10 mph. The phone still receives missed calls and texts but doesn't disturb the teen driver. It just displays what was missed while being distraction free. Also, if the teen driver disables the app, IT SENDS AN EMAIL TO THE PARENTS. Genius!

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