Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Avoid Tired and Emotional Driving

As Hubby Dearest and I prepare to teach our Darling Daughter how to drive in the next year, we are sharing the horror stories of our own learning experiences. This has brought to mind another biggie in distracted driving...emotional and tired driving. I personally LOVE the "Menace Like Me" commercial where the scruffy man says he's a teenage girl who just got a text message about a friend and the boy she likes, "And now I am emotionally compromised. Whoopsies!" BANG! Hits a car.

Within the first year of my learning to drive, I wrecked my mother's truck, my father's truck and my sister's car. Two of those were the same accident. In both situations, I was under pressure and could have been considered an emotional driver and distraction to myself. I am lucky no one was hurt. Some drivers and passengers and by-standers are not as lucky.

When our minds are focused on something other than driving, we are more prone to accidents. Make sure you are calm and attentive before getting behind the wheel each and every time.

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