Thursday, May 3, 2012

Distracted Driving is ALL Y'ALL'S Responsibility

Back in 2000, I lived for a brief moment in Hoboken, New Jersey. Being from East Texas, it was a fun game for my cohorts to get me to say things..."Say something!" was always the first command at my arrival to functions. I don't think I have an accent but everyone has their own opinion. My favorite funny question was, "What's the plural of 'y'all'?" I responded, "I don't know, 'ALL Y'ALL'?"


Because I am constantly reading up on the latest news and trends, I have come across several online articles throwing responsibility back and industry, cellular industry, driver, passenger, legislature, enforcement....blah, blah, flippin' blah!

My mama always told me that the only person I could control was ME. I have a caveat to that...The only person I can control is me, but I can influence anyone willing to listen.

Each and every driver is responsible for their behaviors while driving. If you are a passenger, then you have a choice as to whether you will be a distraction. Auto and cellular industries, you stand to make a fortune if you can help everyone travel more safely and without distraction (think of it as a challenge to figure out the most complicated puzzle). Legislature and enforcement, are you too afraid to put regulations out that ban? Then at least create something that provides for punishment in the event of death, injury and/or destruction of property.

Honestly, all y'all...this is NOT rocket science or brain surgery! Drive when you're behind the wheel. Don't wreck your or someone else's life by being distracted from operating that machine of which you are in control.

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